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SEO Website Usability Analysis & CRO

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Your SEO Website Usability Analysis & CRO Specialists

Usability audits provided by our SEO experts at HighGate help you assess and understand user behaviour as well as any interface, navigation, and conversion errors on your website that may be affecting your conversion rates. This includes clickability rates, dynamic elements like drop-down menus, sliders, or pop-ups, as well as desktop and mobile website versions.

Knowing your website’s weak spots will make it easier to eliminate what is standing in the way of your website’s ranking as well as better click-through rates that bring in more sales and more business. 

Our experienced SEO teams can tackle all these issues for you and fix functional and optimization flaws. In addition, we identify how your website can better suit visitor behaviour and offer them what they need.


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Our SEO Website Usability Analysis & CRO Services

Once our SEO services drive organic traffic to your website, our job is not done. The next step is getting potential customers to take the action you need them to in order to increase conversion rates, sales, and your profit. Our website usability analysis and CRO services are tailored to provide the data you need to improve your digital performance and build engagement and trust. 

Working with us, you will benefit from industry experts assessing all aspects of your website and finding solutions to improve its usability. Our website usability analysis and CRO services include data and analysis on:

User behaviour and goals
Functional specifications
Live online usability testing
Content, interaction, and business goals

Our SEO Website Usability Analysis & CRO Process

Your website’s conversion rates depend on how optimized the user experience and user journey are. If you aim to improve conversion rates, these are the main factors you need to analyse and optimize. 

The key to our website usability analysis and CRO process is to identify any flow and architecture issues that are hindering the user journey and causing potential customers to drop out. Once these issues are identified, we will provide a customized action plan that comprises all the elements and steps required to attract, engage, and persuade visitors, get them to take the action you want, and increase your conversion rates and profit. 

We use the latest research, predictive analysis, and heat-mapping tools to analyse your visitors’ activity and then use insights from tracking and analytics to recommend the best course of action.

Our Process