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SEO Search Data Reporting and Dashboarding


Your SEO Search Data Reporting and Dashboarding Specialists

Our search engine optimization services include comprehensive data reporting as well as dashboarding. These insights will power up your digital strategies and boost your SEO ranking. You can use this valuable information to make business-oriented and data-driven decisions as well as to understand what your visitors and potential customers need and want and boost conversion rates. 

With dynamic reporting and analytics tools, we can save your time and budget and optimize your website to attract relevant visitors, learn how to engage them, and satisfy their needs based on readily available real-time information to increase click-through rates.


The time to optimize your website and boost your online presence is now!

Our SEO Search Data Reporting and Dashboarding Services

At HighGate, we use the latest and most optimized search data reporting and dashboarding tools to visualise and analyse client data and offer you valuable insights that can power-up your digital marketing strategies. 

Using them, we provide clear and organized information about:


Organic traffic

SEO is all about driving organic traffic and we have the data that shows how well your website is performing for the time period of your choice.

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Top performing pages

Some pages do better than others and the ones that may be underperforming need to be identified and optimized. See which pages are attracting the most organic traffic.


Top performing keywords

Identify and make the most out of the keywords that are driving the most search traffic to your website pages.

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Page authority stats

Assess page authority stats to see how you compare to your competitors and improve your search engine ranking.

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Conversion rates

Identify the best-performing pages to increase conversion rates across all pages of your website.


Review rating

Assess your average review rating to see how well customers see you and build trust. 

SEO Search Data Reporting and Dashboarding Benefits

Being in control of how you collect and analyse data about your customers and digital performance is invaluable to your business’s online success. Using the most advanced search data reporting and dashboarding tools, we can help you benefit from:

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