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Pay per click (PPC) is a cost-efficient way to appear among the first results on Google and Bing. It is widely used as a digital marketing tool to promote products and services and drive sales and has a high ROI. 

Our digital marketing team at HighGate is made up of industry specialists and offers real-time PPC campaign creation and management services on different platforms (Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising). In addition, we can optimize your existing campaigns for better performance to make them more cost-effective and increase leads and sales from search engines.

Facebook advertising is another efficient way to target the right audience at the right time and reach more customers instead of throwing money away on untargeted and unoptimized ads. Facebook’s over 1 billion daily active users are a great opportunity to optimize your marketing budget and expand your business online, connect with your potential and existing customers, and share your brand’s stories. 

Being a complete web design and development and digital marketing services company, we also provide Google local services advertising campaigns for your convenience. We can handle your Google Guarantee program application and support you every step of the way to navigate things like licenses, insurance, and background checks. 

We also offer profile creation and setup services and advertising, reporting, and tracking services to optimize your online presence for local audiences and increase your revenue.


Tap into the unlimited potential of the digital world to ensure and promote your success!

Our Pay-Per-Click, Facebook, and Google Local Advertising Services

At HighGate, our main goal when it comes to online advertising is to expand your online reach and drive relevant traffic to your website. Relevance is key as it will determine how high the conversion rates will be and how well this traffic translates into more revenue for your business. We execute thorough, complex, and customized online advertising campaigns that generate fast return on investment and provide valuable insights for your long-term digital marketing strategies.

Our online advertisement services include:

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Selecting the right platform(s)

The first and most important step in creating your online advertising strategy is to identify where your audience is. Selecting the right platform is essential for your reach and budget. 

Defining targeting parameters

Once the ad channels are selected, we configure your targeting parameters including demographics, location, interests, intent, topics, and keywords.

content is king

Creating engaging content

Our graphic design and content writing experts will then tailor your online ads to match both your goals and the formats dictated by each platform (ppc ads, display ads, remarketing ads, video ads, and social ads).

Tracking performance

Once everything is set up and running, we monitor and measure the performance of your online ad campaigns and report on clicks, conversion rates, and other important metrics.


Pay-Per-Click, Facebook, and Google Local Services Advertising Benefits

The main benefits of working with our online advertisement specialists at HighGate include: 


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